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Are your relatives fighting over your loved one's estate?

Are your relatives fighting over your loved one's estate?

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Avon Lake, Ohio Probate Attorney

Probate is the process by which assets passing through a will or under the rules of intestacy are distributed to the appropriate beneficiaries or heirs. A personal representative ensures that taxes and creditors are paid and that the beneficiaries take clean title to their distributions. Many difficulties can arise when probating an estate, so it is wise to retain the services of a probate attorney to assist you in this process. Contact our experienced Avon Lake, Ohio attorneys today.

Thinking about the future of your estate may not top of mind, but it is something everyone should consider. It can be easy to ignore the need for estate planning, and merely focus on the present state of your finances. Nobody wants to assume the worst. However,planning for the unexpected is important. Drafting a will, creating trusts, and utilizing other legal estate planning tools are important steps to ensuring the financial well-being of your estate and family. Don't put your family into a tough position down the road. For straightforward, practical legal advice, contact Lake Avon, Ohio probate attorney, Robert Nelson. He will work closely with you to ensure your estate planning goals are met.

What is Probate?

Through pop culture most people are familiar with the purpose of a will. Like other estate planning tools, wills allow people to determine what will happen to their estate and finances after they pass away. From a legal standpoint, an estate is the total of someone's assets and property. However, many Lake Avon residents may not be familiar with probate - a legal process by which a decedent's property is distributed after they die.

The probate process occurs regardless of whether the deceased had a will. If he or she had a will, the probate process allows the deceased heirs to inherit specified assets or property. If the deceased passed without a will or died "intestate," state law determines who receives the assets. Ohio intestacy laws list a prioritized order of family members who will receive the assets starting with the surviving spouse. If there are no surviving relatives, the deceased's estate will be taken by the state of Ohio.

In some cases, a will does not need to be probated. Additionally, certain assets do not need to be probated either since the ownership rights automatically pass to the deceased's heirs. As an example, if you create a living trust, the assets int he trust do not have to be probated. Whether or not an estate is required to go through the probate process depends on the type of asset and the circumstances of the case. For more information and assistance, contact our Lake Avon, Ohio probate attorneys today.

How can a Probate Attorney help me?

Handling a probate matter after the death of a loved one can be emotional and frustrating. Few circumstances can be more frustrating than trying to work through the probate system when your loved one did not plan accordingly. Proper estate planning can give you and your family peace of mind for the future. An experienced Avon Lake probate lawyer can help you prepare your estate and protect your family. When the time comes, Robert Nelson can help guide your family through the probate process making sure your wishes are carried out. There are many estate planning choices to consider. Be sure to consult with a reputable probate lawyer to explore your options.

Robert Nelson has helped countless Avon Lake residents work through the probate process. With over 40 years of legal experience, Robert Nelson understands the Ohio probate system and how to use estate planning laws to your advantage. He has extensive experience handling complex probate issues, while focusing on his clients' needs and goals. If you have questions about planning your estate or are currently facing a probate issue, contact Avon Lake probate attorney Robert Nelson today. We look forward to working with you.