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Avon Lake, Ohio Estate Planning Attorney

There are many components involved in creating a comprehensive and effective estate plan. Depending upon the size and complexity of your estate, some combination of wills and trusts will likely be needed to accomplish the goals of distributing your estate in a way which minimizes probate and maximizes the tax advantages available to you and your heirs. You will also need to have a plan for asset protection and business succession planning. It is equally important not to forget bout powers of attorney, and advance directives that must be included to ensure that your health care and financial affairs are properly managed during any period of incapacity you may experience. Let our Avon Lake, OH estate planning attorney help you.

Attorney Robert Nelson has been serving the people of Avon Lake, Ohio for more than 40 years with estate planning and tax planning services. His expansive knowledge and experience to advise individuals and companies in tailoring estate planning needs to meet their unique goals.

A good mix of Wills and Trusts to meet your needs

Every person that gets a will created has needs that are unique to them. This makes every estate plan different to specifically cater to the unique needs of the individual. At a minimum, every estate plan should include a will to make any special or personal dispositions, appoint an executor or personal representative for the estate, appoint a guardian for minor children, and make sure that all property is accounted for and properly disposed. Beyond the will, some combination of trusts will likely effectuate the testator's unique needs and goals which may include maximizing tax benefits while minimizing probate, transferring business interests, funding charities and creating a lasting legacy for future generations. Avon Lake, Ohio estate planning and trust attorney Robert Nelson can advise and assist in the creation of any number of trusts necessary to meet your needs.

Estate planning is more than just what happens to your property after you die. In addition to wills and trusts, Robert Nelson drafts living wills, powers of attorney, health care surrogate designations and other advance directives to make sure your health care and financial affairs are looked after by someone you trust and in accordance with your wishes, int he event you ever become incapacitated and cannot make decisions for yourself - even if it's temporary.

Trust your estate planning to an attorney with more than 40 years of high-level experience drafting wills trusts and powers of attorney for high-net worth individuals and business owners, utilizing expertise in tax planning, business succession planning, asset protection and probate. Contact Avon Lake, Ohio estate planning attorney Robert Nelson at (440) 653-5388.